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Dalisay Diaz

Has written several novel and short stories published in her blog ( that includes mostly Suspense, Thriller, Drama, Deceit, Greed, Power, Wealth, Vengeance Sex, Action, Comedy and Romance. Her novel, Kung Kaya Mo ng Sabihing Mahal Mo Ako is her first attempt on suspense-drama followed by Task Force Enigma Series which made her known as an articulate and no-nonsense writer.

Now, despite her busy schedule, she devoted a portion of her precious time to come-up with an Eight Chapter suspense-thriller that will surely make you think, gasp and tumble in surprise.



“What if death is with you all the time?”

Established newscaster si Roblen sa isang nangungunang TV network. He was on top of his field at talaga namang kinikilala ang kanyang kredibilidad sa napiling larangan. Then came Nicole, a beautiful brunette who easily captured his heart. At 28, marami na ang nagsasabing dapat na siyang mag-asawa at ito nga ang kanyang napipisil na maging kabiyak.

He wooed her and asked for Nicole’s hand in marriage and he was not disappointed with her answer. Nagulat man ay natuwa ang marami sa kanilang whirlwind romance. But the whole happily-ever-after scenario was about to change when people and friends from his past started to die brutally, one by one, on the day he announced his engagement with Nicole. Nagsimula rin ang mga pagtatangka sa buhay nilang dalawa nang magbalik sila sa Baryo San Jose, ang bayang sinilangan niya.

He got the shock of his life when police declared who the suspect was. It was no other than Anthony, his best-friend who died fifteen years ago. Paano matutuloy ang kasal nila ni Nicole kung nakaamba sa kanila palagi ang kamatayan na dulot ng paghihiganting isang dekada na ang nakakalipas.


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